Chillblast is a Microsoft cloud solution provider (CSP) and Tier 1 partner, in addition to being the UK’s most awarded PC manufacturer, working with brands including Royal Air Force and Williams Esports. As a Microsoft CSP, the company works directly with the software giant on behalf of its clients and supports them across all elements, from Azure and Microsoft 365, to licensing, Windows Server, and AI solutions.

When it came to their Microsoft CSP operation, Chillblast were looking to transform their billing processes with a custom cloud billing solution, critical when working with partners, such as Westcoast Cloud and Lenovo Cloud.

They identified PRD as being capable of resolving significant internal challenges within the organisation.

“Intelligent Billing was recommended to us by Microsoft and our partner Westcoast Cloud – based on its reputation, extensive capabilities and automations, exactly what we were after in our move to streamline our CSP billing process.” 

Kyle Mansell, IT and Solutions Director

CSP billing transformation needed

At that stage, the cloud solution provider had already proceeded with another highly recognised organisation offering CSP billing. However, three months later, Chillblast contacted PRD Technologies about our Intelligent Billing platform and immediately engaged our team to implement a solution capable of meeting their specific custom CSP billing requirements.

The challenge: to keep to the original project timelines and deliver a custom billing solution in just three months. The expert team at PRD wasn’t daunted, relying on our vast experience in the CSP billing space, our commitment to quality and the functionality of our Intelligent Billing platform.

Chillblast’s initial requirements for the platform included a fully automated solution that could:

  • Apply different billing and rates to different SKUs with different levels of margin
  • Provide bespoke reporting, including profit and loss per partner, SKU and per product
  • Report client expiry dates and licence renewals for each product and SKU

A streamlined cloud billing platform

Based on the initial requirements we proposed a cloud billing solution that not only met these needs but included auto-collection of data from two major IT cloud service providers, offering new bespoke reporting requirements dealing with the latest Microsoft NCE challenges and price protections. We also ensured integration with a custom ERP solution.

The Intelligent Billing platform automates the entire CSP billing process. As a Microsoft cloud solutions provider, Chillblast applies different sell rates and pricing packages across its customer base. With our solution, Chillblast would be able to automatically assign the data collected from the likes of Westcoast Cloud and Lenovo Cloud to the correct customer and apply the correct criteria for onward partner pricing – all without manual intervention or use of spreadsheets.

Additionally, we onboarded two of Chillblast’s partners – Westcoast Cloud and Lenovo Cloud, the latter well into the project. This included creating an API integration with Lenovo Cloud marketplace which would eliminate all manual work and make the entire process more efficient and accurate.

Along with the tight timescales we were working to, adding Lenovo Cloud to the reseller billing system so late in the project (a last-minute requirement), was a challenge.  However, thanks to the functionality and flexibility of the Intelligent Billing platform and the way it has been developed, as well as the dedication of the PRD team, this was easily overcome enabling us to deliver the best possible solution.

“We are very impressed by the PRD team – not just their level of commitment to getting the job done within some very tight deadlines, but in ensuring that they
developed and delivered the best possible solution for us that would automate our billing, making it more accurate, eliminating the possibility of human error, and really transforming the service to our customers and partners.”

Kyle Mansell, IT and Solutions Director

Bringing accuracy and efficiency to life with Intelligent Billing

With the timeline in mind, we began the project by defining a statement of work to guarantee we had identified all the requirements and ensure focus on development of the Microsoft CSP billing solution. As a result, we added an extra safety feature to overcome a common problem with alternative platforms; we made sure the platform would identify new partners and apply a default profit margin over costs. In this way, Chillblast could then easily change the standard profit margin in accordance with the exact commercials agreed with the customer and avoid potentially invoicing them at cost.

With that in mind, once we had developed the CSP billing software, we delivered a proof of concept using one of Chillblast’s existing partners. We applied different billing and rates to different SKUs and products with different levels of margin to demonstrate that Intelligent Billing could do exactly what was needed.

CSP billing transformation achieved

At the end of the three-month period, well within the project timeline, we delivered a fully functional Intelligent Billing platform that addressed all Chillblast’s requirements for CSP billing software, and more.

Benefits of the cloud billing platform include:

  • Elimination of manual tasks
  • Accurate, speedy billing
  • Bespoke reporting capabilities
  • Automated data collection and processing
  • Integration with third-party accounting and ERP platforms
  • ISO27001 accredited
  • Azure hosting environment to ensure latest and most up to date secure environment – our understanding is all alternative solutions are mostly hosted by traditional data centres
  • Proven record at the highest IT distribution provider level

The new, automated platform has transformed the entire cloud solutions provider billing process for Chillblast and its existing partners, while ensuring that onboarding new partners and customers will be just as streamlined.

At PRD we stand behind the great functionality and flexibility of our Intelligent Billing platform, supported of course by a team committed to delivering the best results. Our work with Chillblast is a perfect example of this powerful combination – delivering exactly what they needed, within deadline, to completely transform their CSP billing process.”

Simon Adams, MD of PRD Technologies

If you’re experiencing billing challenges, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you transform your business.

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