Streamlined managed print services billing

When it comes to billing your managed print services, are you relying on manual processes that take up a lot of time and staff resource? Do you have too many spreadsheets to keep count?

Are you looking for a streamlined solution that can deal with the complexity of your managed print service ecosystem?

We understand the challenges around managed print services and can deliver a solution that perfectly meets your needs for dealing with your consumable print IT data. Whether that is dealing with VAR and partner billing, onward billing, invoicing in multiple currencies or charging for different periods – Intelligent Billing can transform your managed print billing process.

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Discover how Intelligent Billing can automate your managed print services billing

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managed prints services billing

Benefits of                      Intelligent Billing

Intelligent Billing gives your managed print services business a streamlined, simplified platform that gives you all the functionality you need to collect, process and bill your clients.

Our Intelligent Billing platform delivers the following benefits: 

  • Eliminate or significantly reduce your manual processes
  • Improve customer service through quicker, more accurate invoicing
  • Reduce debtor days, and as a result improve your cashflow
  • Free up resources with the elimination of manual tasks
  • Create bespoke MPS pricing, bundles and overage for your clients and their end customers
    • Your sales pricing and competitiveness should not be restricted due to limitation in billing
  • Gain access to data insights and reporting
  • Ease of billing for all eventualities – multi-currency, monthly, quarterly, annually

How Intelligent Billing works

  • Automation – our platform automatically collects and processes data, eliminating the need for manual data entry and human error, while improving speed and accuracy

  • Bespoke reporting – get access to the data and insights you need to identify trends and top performing managed print services

  • Rapid scalability and flexibility – the platform can grow with your business and can be customised according to your needs

  • API integrations – Intelligent Billing integrates with many third-party systems (accounting, direct debit, CRM, etc) to ensure you get all the functionality you need to manage your print services billing in one platform

  • Converged billing – accurately process and bill customers across multiple providers and sectors, companies, groups and departments

  • Global billing – with inbuilt multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, Intelligent Billing also takes care of geography-specific regulations and tax considerations for managed print services providers

  • Security – to ensure the safety of your and your clients’ data, we are ISO27001, ISO9001 compliant and also hold Cyber Essentials Plus certification

Why choose us for your managed print services billing?

Our Intelligent Billing solution is an award-winning platform that removes the complexity from billing for channel businesses. Our software is supported by expert engineers and world-class customer service teams and can help you transform your data processing and billing process.

Don’t just take out word for it, here’s what one of our managed print services customers, PAE Business, has to say about our Intelligent Billing solution.

“This was a step change for us moving from manual billing to a completely automated system. PRD worked closely with us from the very beginning, giving us absolute confidence in the final platform. The team has transformed the way we bill our customers, saving us significant time and money, and ensuring accuracy across the process. We would definitely recommend PRD to other managed service providers looking to streamline their operations.”

Phil Madders, Director of PAE Business

Find out more about how our automations transformed managed print service provider billing for PAE.

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Automated managed print services billing

Streamline your managed print services operations