Why use an automated billing solution?

One of the most important processes within your business is billing. But if you’re a channel business, it is often one of the most challenging. Whether you are an MSP, CSP, ISP, MPS or telecoms provider, your billing ecosystem is no doubt complex, relying on manual processes and requiring significant time and resource to ensure accuracy.

Adopting an automated billing platform can help you cut through your challenges, reduce the potential for error, minimise glitches and delays, and issue invoices more efficiently.

Automated billing software solution


Delivering precise billing to the telecoms industry.

Managed Service Providers

Transformative MSP usage billing for MSPs.

Cloud Solution Providers

Robust and dynamic billing platforms for CSPs.

Managed Print Services

Automated streamlined managed print services billing.

Internet Service Providers

Dynamic fibre broadband billing software for ISPs.

Other Sectors

Helping subscription, consumption and other sectors get billing right.

At PRD Technologies, our award-winning Intelligent Billing solutions have been developed based on our 30 years of extensive expertise and are ideal for managing large volumes of data, integrating with your existing systems and transforming your entire billing system.

Intelligent Billing – bring accuracy, efficiency and return on investment to your billing process

Our Intelligent Billing platform will revolutionise your billing processes. It puts you in complete control – enabling you to handle complex billing requirements, managing the process from data collection from third-party systems to processing, invoicing and payment collection.

All in one place. With easy access for users and intuitive navigation.

Your sales and differentiation should not be restricted by limitations in billing, you must be able to create complex bespoke packages, bundles or pricing models to win you business.

And the best part? Through our extensive API functionality, Intelligent Billing seamlessly integrates with your systems and software.

automated billing platform
automated billing APIs

The power of pioneering API capabilities

Intelligent Billing is an automated, integrated billing solution that connects your crucial operations systems, allowing them to communicate in real-time – that includes your internal and external third-party systems. Wherever you need to retrieve data from, we can create an API that will automatically collect and analyse it for you, cutting out the manual process and eliminating error.

Key advantages of integration and using Intelligent Billing’s API functionality:

  • All your billing needs and functionality in one platform

  • Improved speed, accuracy and productivity

  • Manage billing in real-time

  • Excellent customer experience

  • Expert support at no extra cost

  • Gain efficiencies in data transfer, processing and reporting

Available APIs include:

  • Power BI
  • GoCardless
  • Microsoft NCE
  • Marketplace (including ALSO and Westcoast Cloud)
  • Various CRMs (including ConnectWise Manage and Oracle Netsuite)
  • Accounting and DD collection systems
  • And much more…

The features of Intelligent Billing automated billing software

  • Integrations – Intelligent Billing integrates with your existing software thanks to its extensive API functionality

  • Custom features – Tailored to meet the needs of your business thanks to our expert development team

  • Security – We are an ISO 27001 accredited business, with Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, and our platform is fully compliant
  • Converged and flexible billing – Manage everything through one platform, multiple providers, separate billing for companies, divisions or groups

  • Insights, reporting, business analytics – Get the most value from your billing data with standard and customised reports

  • Globalisation – Handle expansion into new markets with multi-currency and multi-lingual billing
  • Seamless scalability – Collection, processing and billing can scale and grow with your business
  • Customer care and support – Exceptional onboarding, customer service and training
  • Flexible pricing plans – We offer options to suit all budgets and requirements

Customer testimonials

PAE Business: Automated billing services transform MSPs business

“This was a step change for us moving from manual billing to a completely automated system. PRD worked closely with us from the very beginning, giving us absolute confidence in the final platform. The team has transformed the way we bill our customers, saving us significant time and money, and ensuring accuracy across the process. We would definitely recommend PRD to other managed service providers looking to streamline their operations.”

Phil Madders, Director of PAE Business

Westcoast Cloud: Maintaining peak performance with automated billing

“The team at PRD Technologies never fail to deliver innovative solutions, and yet again they have developed a range of functionality and system enhancements to our Intelligent Billing software in response to the billing complexities and challenges created by the new Microsoft NCE licensing model.

“They did this swiftly, safeguarding our retention of business in this area and empowering us to take advantage of the new opportunities created by the guaranteed revenue of annual Microsoft NCE subscriptions.”

Mark Davies, MD Westcoast Cloud

WightFibre: Automated billing software solves challenges

“The innovative and flexible team at PRD has come up with intuitive solutions to solve the increasingly complex challenges we face as a telecommunications provider. We can’t recommend them enough.”

Nathan Swallow, Head of Network Operations, WightFibre

To see the benefits of using automated billing software first-hand and how it can transform your business, please book a demo. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements and demonstrate how our Intelligent Billing platform can streamline your billing processes.