Intelligent automated billing to solve your challenges

We have been around since 2006 and understand the challenges you face when it comes to billing – whether you’re a Telco, MSP, CSP, ISP, Distributor, VAR or within the wider channel.

An accurate, streamlined, timely billing process is critical to the continued success of your business in this highly competitive landscape.

Intelligent Billing is an award-winning automated billing solution that makes your life easier.

Take a look at our top 10 features and benefits to see what it can do for your organisation.

Automated billing
Intelligent Billing Integrations

Intelligent Billing enables different applications to communicate and connect with each other in real-time, thanks to our API.

This means you can seamlessly integrate your tools, internal systems and external third-party data sources and platforms to boost business performance and gain a true 360-degree view of your billing process.

Take a look at how our integration capacities revolutionised the billing process for IT solution provider ConnectWise, automating data processing, eliminating errors and improving cash flow.

We can integrate Intelligent Billing with nearly every platform, including:

  • Marketplace – including Westcoast, Cloud Marketplace and ALSO Marketplace
  • Microsoft Partner Centre APIs
  • GoCardless – supports all Go Cardless payments
  • Accounting and DD collection systems – all mainstream systems
  • Microsoft Power BI – for data analysis, insights, reporting
  • CRMs – including Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and ConnectWise Manage via ConnectWise REST API
  • Custom integrations – for your individual API requirements
  • Intelligent Billing REST API – our inbuilt API provides you with the ability to create your own integrations between any area within the Intelligent Billing platform and your other applications
Intelligent Billing - Flexible Billing

Billing within the channel can be tricky – especially when it comes to complex products with different packages, bundles and over usage. Intelligent Billing enables you to collect, process and bill for virtually any data, products and services, regardless of complexity or scale. This is exactly how we helped WightFibre, a network operator on the Isle of Wight that supplies broadband, telephony and TV packages to both business and residential customers.

With Intelligent Billing you can easily handle:

  • Consumption
  • Usage rating
  • Subscriptions
  • Application of mass pricing updates
  • Multi-hierarchical billing
  • Site billing
  • Multiple rate schemes – bill different rates

Take a look at how we help telecoms companies and ISPs.

Data rich but insight poor? Intelligent Billing helps you make the most of your billing data by providing strategic insight – whether that is around revenue assurance, management and financial data, customer or product performance or market share reports.

We offer both standard and bespoke reports, combining data from multiple sources.

What you can expect:

  • Feature-rich dashboards
  • Management and financial reporting
  • Revenue assurance reporting
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Bespoke BI reporting
  • Billing and fraud alerts
  • Audit trails

Whether you’re already operating globally or moving into new markets is part of your business strategy, Intelligent Billing takes the pain out of billing with its multi-currency, multi-lingual capabilities.

By using one platform, you can conquer those new territories, save money and time, mitigate risk, and reduce stress.

Our expert platform also helps you with:

  • Tax compliance
  • Language barriers
  • Currency conversion
  • Different airtime billing for different time zones
  • Regional legislation compliance
Intelligent Billing - Billing Automations

The Intelligent Billing platform will help you take billing to a new level – automated, accurate and efficient. Automation helps minimise risk due to billing errors, reduces debtors days and increases cash flow. Some of our customers, including XMA, have even brought billing forward by several weeks.

What our automated platform does:

  • Export to accounting, CRM and banking systems
  • CDR processing, rating and billing any carriers’ CDR files
  • Automatic collection of CDRs
  • Daily or near real-time file collection and processing
  • Near unlimited scalability

We helped managed print provider PAE Business revolutionise their billing processes with automation, reducing their manual processes and key staff dependencies, while we helped Talk Telekom increase their billing tenfold thanks to automated CDR processing.

Intelligent Billing - NCE billing

When Microsoft redesigned their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and launched the New Commerce Experience (NCE) there was a major change to how Microsoft 365 licences were bought.

This presented a few challenges for CSPs – such as the time-consuming management of the new subscription processes and the complexity of managing diverse licence renewals.

To make life easier for our customers, and enable them to take advantage of the opportunities presented by NCE, we adapted our Intelligent Billing platform in terms of product, pricing, billing and subscription management.

Features include:

  • Option for NCE subscriptions to be cancelled with 7 day’s notice – with pro rata charges
  • Full automation of NCE and NCE legacy charges
  • Automation of collection and processing of data for VARs and resellers
  • Extraction of Adobe services data

See how we helped Westcoast Cloud get the most out of the NCE opportunities.

Intelligent Billing - Converged Billing

Intelligent Billing enables you to manage multiple providers and sectors through a single, converged platform – replacing multiple legacy systems and allowing you to streamline processes and costs.

Features of bureau billing:

  • Separate billing for companies, divisions, bill groups
  • Data can be converged for multiple sectors from multiple sources
  • Generate one easy-to-understand invoice
  • Single or multiple user access – with audit logs

Our ability to provide converged and bureau billing gave our customer NFON a significant competitive edge when they deployed Intelligent Billing across their business that spans 15 countries.

One of the biggest challenges for channel businesses is reseller billing – especially when those resellers also have to bill their customers. This is due to the sheer volume of data that is collected, processed and analysed before billing can even begin.

Often, this includes much manual work which consumes valuable resource and increases the risk of errors. With Intelligent Billing, reseller billing is completely automated, making quick work of complex data, freeing up resource and eliminating mistakes.

What are the benefits?

  • VARs can easily bill end customers
  • Manual data analysis and processing reduced by up to 95%
  • Staff hours can be redeployed to focus on other areas of the business
  • Fewer errors in data entry and billing
  • Sharper insights thanks to insightful reporting

You can see Intelligent Billing in action with our client Westcoast Cloud who continues to see the value of our automated reseller billing capabilities.

Intelligent Billing features a user-friendly portal with extensive management functionality which gives clients complete control over bill runs.

The portal can be tailored according to business requirements and type, as well as user requirements, granting multi and different levels of access as needed, include user and end-user portal options, branded options, and fully hosted web-based options.

Portal functionality includes:

  • Add / amend rates
  • Create call bundles and packages, billing group or individual invoices
  • Remove call files
  • Rerate calls
  • And more…

PRD’s Intelligent Billing platform is supported by a team of experts, from our developers to our customer service team.

What sets us apart?

  • Rapid onboarding – taking just days to transfer data to the platform
  • Support tickets are acknowledged instantly
  • We aim to resolve queries within 2 hours
  • Our ticketing system is maintained by experienced billing analysts
  • Complex issues are escalated to our developers immediately
  • We give customers regular updates

Hear directly from our customers.

At PRD Technologies, our award-winning Intelligent Billing solutions have been developed based on our 30 years of extensive expertise and are ideal for managing large volumes of data, integrating with your existing systems and transforming your entire billing system.

Customer testimonials

PAE Business: Automated billing services transform MSPs business

“This was a step change for us moving from manual billing to a completely automated system. PRD worked closely with us from the very beginning, giving us absolute confidence in the final platform. The team has transformed the way we bill our customers, saving us significant time and money, and ensuring accuracy across the process. We would definitely recommend PRD to other managed service providers looking to streamline their operations.”

Phil Madders, Director of PAE Business

Westcoast Cloud: Maintaining peak performance with automated billing

“The team at PRD Technologies never fail to deliver innovative solutions, and yet again they have developed a range of functionality and system enhancements to our Intelligent Billing software in response to the billing complexities and challenges created by the new Microsoft NCE licensing model.

“They did this swiftly, safeguarding our retention of business in this area and empowering us to take advantage of the new opportunities created by the guaranteed revenue of annual Microsoft NCE subscriptions.”

Mark Davies, MD Westcoast Cloud

WightFibre: Automated billing software solves challenges

“The innovative and flexible team at PRD has come up with intuitive solutions to solve the increasingly complex challenges we face as a telecommunications provider. We can’t recommend them enough.”

Nathan Swallow, Head of Network Operations, WightFibre

To see the benefits of using our automated billing solution and discuss your requirements book a demo. See how our Intelligent Billing platform can streamline your billing processes.