Challenges of recurring MSP billing

If you are an MSP (managed service provider) or VAR (value added reseller), you’ll agree that managing vast amounts of data and service agreements from multiple sources requires a robust billing system capable of real-time data collection, storage, and analysis.

  • Do you spend 3-4 days per month, or more, on manual billing?

  • Are you working with multiple spreadsheets to calculate the data to input into ConnectWise, Xero, Sage, and other third-party accounting systems?

  • Do you struggle with the challenges of NCE billing?

  • Has processing substantial volumes of Microsoft Azure and other data become a laborious and time-consuming monthly task?

  • Hindered by lack of integration between your systems?

Managed service provider billing

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Streamlining data processing and billing across multiple providers

Our billing solutions will support your collaboration with a diverse a range of providers, including:

  • Ingram
  • Westcoast Cloud
  • Tech Data
  • Exertis
  • Proofpoint
  • Sentinel 1
  • Bytes

Key products that can be invoiced through the Intelligent Billing solution include:

  • Azure
  • NCE
  • MS licenses
  • Adobe
  • AWS
  • Mimecast products
  • Barracuda products
MSP & NCE Billing

What to look for when choosing MSP billing software

In an increasingly complex and competitive space, choosing the right MSP billing software is a critical decision in the quest for smooth operations, customer satisfaction – and business success.

Here are some vital factors to consider when selecting billing software for MSPs:

  • Automation
  • Analytics
  • Client management
  • Reports
  • Security, including ISO27001
  • Automated billing
  • Payment processing via APIs, or other third-party integration interfaces
  • Invoicing options

Intelligent Billing is a fully customisable MSP billing solution, designed with the unique data processing and billing requirements of MSPs like you in mind.

Benefits of PRD’s Intelligent Billing solution for MSPs

Let us tailor our sophisticated automated billing software solution to meet your individual MSP needs, so your business can experience a host of benefits.

  • Accurate and faster billing – Intelligent Billing eliminates the need for manual intervention, resulting in speedier processing, saving time and resource
  • Streamlined workflows – no duplication of data entry because Intelligent Billing automatically populates data from your third-party and provisioning systems
  • Improved cashflow and increased revenue – quicker billing cycles result in a significant reduction in debtor days
  • More detailed billing – provides end users with granular detail, enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Multiple invoice style options – including custom style invoices to match end users’ exact requirements
  • API automations – Intelligent Billing integrates directly with Cloud Marketplace, Microsoft Partner Centre, CRMs, accounting and DD collection systems, GoCardless, and many other third-party systems
  • Bespoke management reporting and strategic insights – plus it integrates into Power BI
  • Seamless scalability – as your customer base expands, Intelligent Billing can rapidly scale in line with increased volumes of transactions
  • Security – ISO 27001 certification reflects our robust data security procedures and processes, reassuring you that your valuable data is safe and secure
MSP billing platform

API integrations

API integrations to/from a wide variety of third-party systems, enabling you to pick the ‘best-of-breed’ platforms for each of your specific business needs:

  • Integrations – to/from any system

  • CRM – integrate with your CRM database

  • Accounting – integration with all leading accounting systems
  • DD platforms
  • Marketplace

Product comparison table


from £125+VAT pm

Bill up to £10k pm

Ideal for up to
100 customers

  • All standard features

  • Rapid onboarding

  • Support


from £350+VAT pm

Bill up to £20k pm

Ideal for up to
250 customers

  • All standard features

  • Rapid onboarding

  • Support

  • Multiple invoice groups

  • Automatic collection of CDRs, anytime

  • Any prefixes and mapping to any level

  • Multi access and set different user levels

  • Branded portal and end customer portal

  • Custom invoice styles, multiple formats

  • Bespoke reporting


from £750+VAT pm

Unlimited billing

customer base

  • All standard features

  • All Advanced features

  • 10 days free onboarding (excluding Development)

  • Onsite training

  • Mobile billing, any data billing

  • Affinity group billing

  • API integrations to/from third party systems

  • Multiple country area codes

  • Daily or near real time file collection and processes

  • Multi lingual and currency invoicing

  • White labelling

  • Multi hierarchical billing

  • Audit trails

  • Billing and fraud alerts

  • Dedicated Technical Architect

  • Reporting providing business intelligence


Quotation based on needs

Unlimited billing

customer base

  • All standard features

  • All Pro features

  • A fully tailored solution to meet all of your current and future billing needs

  • Dedicated Technical Architect

  • Reporting providing business intelligence

What our customers say about us

“XMA has always been driven by innovation. We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver on our promises and exceed customer expectations with the very latest solutions. Naturally, we look for partners and collaborators who share those values.

Like us, PRD Technologies embrace invention and service excellence. Their proactive and positive approach is grounded in extensive expertise, offering multi-faceted business operations like ours billing solutions that are powerful – yet practical.

Thanks to Intelligent Billing not only have we reduced our billing cycle by over 300 hours per month, but we are also now able to offer our clients a faster and more flexible billing experience that’s integral to our outstanding brand reputation and customer satisfaction.”

James Thorogood, CSP Business Manager, XMA

Flexible MSP Usage Billing

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