We’ve been working with customers in telecoms for many years

As you know, the world of telecommunications can be very complicated. Technology continues to move at an alarming pace, and it can be hard to keep up.

If you deliver voice, VOIP, ISP, mobile or fixed line telco services, we can support your billing, ensuring it’s accurate and timely.

Intelligent Billing is our suite of platforms. We automate every process possible. We can also customise solutions to meet your exact requirements, designed specifically for complex environments and highly scalable, including API integrations into most systems of choice.

Our out of the box, entry level, which we call Lite and packed full of features. It’s the perfect starting package for smaller telecoms providers, but it still packs a punch.

Our Pro version takes you up a considerable level with the ability to bill in multiple currencies and languages, plus additional integration and automation, and the option to white label if you wish to sell on.

We also offer a fully bespoke level – entirely set up to meet the unique needs of your business.

Check out our comparison table below, to see what’s included at each level, and give us a call if you would like to learn more on 01256 799 812.

What’s included in all of the Intelligent Billing suite:

  • Compatibility with all bank collections
  • Integration with all of the leading accounting systems
  • Full scalability – your collection, processing and billing can scale and grow with your business
  • Near real time CDR collection and reporting
  • Web based platform accessible anytime from your chosen device
  • Management dashboard – tailored to your business requirements
  • US multi tax compliant
  • Revenue assurance – ensuring no revenue is lost
  • Business reporting – profit and loss at customer and product levels, and heat maps
  • End customer portal
  • Onboarding support from our inhouse team
  • Telephone and email support from our dedicated UK support team
  • Free web based training

Comparison Table
Threshold based monthly fees starting from £100

- Included * - Optional Extra
£100 +VAT
£500 +VAT
Support and Customer Care
Same day set up
Telephone and email support as standard
Fully hosted web based
Free web based training
Onsite training
Features and Functionalities
Multiple CDR suppliers
Packages and bundles
Pro rata billing
Site billing – parent/child relationships
Ad hoc, one off incidental charges
Description and rate overrides
Multiple rate schemes
Marketing messages
Export into any accounting and collection systems of choice
Agents and commission reporting
CRM scratch pad
Voice, products and services
Mobile billing, any data billing
Multiple invoice groups
Automatic collection of CDRs, anytime
Any prefixes and mapping to any level
Affinity group billing
API integrations to/from third party systems
Multiple country area codes
Daily or near real time file collection and processing
Multi lingual and currency invoicing
White labelling
Multi hierarchical billing
and more…
User interface and reporting
Business dashboard
Management reporting, including profit & loss, and heat maps
End customer portal for viewing and analytics
Selection of default invoice styles
Multi access and set different user levels
Audit trails
Branded portal & end customer portal
Custom invoice styles, multiple formats
Billing and fraud alerts
Bespoke reporting

Not sure about the right product for you?

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