Seamlessly integrate your software with our billing API

As part of your billing process, your business gathers data from multiple systems, both internal and external. This adds complexity to a process that you depend on. What if you could make it simpler, quicker, more accurate? With better reporting? What if your billing system could communicate with those systems? And you could access everything in one place?

The Intelligent Billing API functionality enables you to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources, in one platform to make your billing process seamless and more efficient.

API billing – integrations to/from any system

With our Intelligent Billing platform, your business can easily communicate with any internal or third-party system. Here is a snapshot of some of our billing system API integration capabilities:

  • CRM systems

  • Accounting systems

  • Direct debit platforms

  • ALSO Marketplace

  • Microsoft Partner Center

  • Power BI

  • Custom integrations

How does our API software work?

By using an API (application programming interface) our Intelligent Billing platform can retrieve information from virtually any system that your business relies on. We create APIs within the Intelligent Billing platform that will automatically collect, analyse and process that data for you. It is seamless and efficient, eliminating manual processing and the potential for human error.

We have five different API billing methods, dependent on your needs:

  • Existing direct APIs: we have already built a number of API links in our Intelligent Billing platform including Xero, GoCardless, Stripe Invoicing, ConnectWise and ALSO

  • Third-party API integrations: via platforms such as Zapier

  • Intelligent Billing REST API: enables you to build your own integrations

  • File import integrations: Intelligent Billing has integration capabilities with external systems via file imports including Kashflow, Netsuite, Sage, Quickbooks, OpnCRM, BACS, Eazipay, Fast Pay, First Capital, PayAway

  • Customised integrations: we can build virtually any integration with any internal or third-party system for you

The benefits of integrated billing solutions

  • Get all the benefits and functionality of various systems in one integrated platform
  • Speed up the billing process through automation – freeing up staff
  • Manage your billing in real-time – improving efficiency and cashflow
  • Reduce manual processes – increasing accuracy

  • Increased efficiency of data transfer, processing and reporting

  • User-friendly and easy to use

  • Scalable with additional functionality available as your business needs it

  • Boost your reputation through accurate and timely billing

Automated Microsoft NCE billing solution

In addition to traditional accounting and direct debit software, our API billing system capabilities can be used for other functionality too, streamlining the continuous data collection around usage, updates and subscription status for Microsoft licences.

Our Intelligent Billing software efficiently handles all Microsoft NCE (New Commerce Experience) solutions, encompassing Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Windows 365, offering a sophisticated automated billing solution for NCE.

One of our clients, global distributor Westcoast Cloud, is using this enhanced functionality to streamline its Microsoft NCE services – tracking usage for Microsoft subscription statuses and updates, automating NCE renewals and subscription cancellations, and issuing invoices for all partners and VARs.

What our customers say about us

“I have the upmost respect for the team at PRD Technologies. They took a complex billing requirement that they had never handled before, and built a completely bespoke system capable of handling all of our requirements. Considering the requirements, they came back to us on time and within budget. They are an absolute pleasure to work with, and they deliver on their promises – and that’s a rarity. We consider them to be very competent and capable.

Intelligent Billing has enabled us to substantially grow our business over the last four years, from £18 million to £80 million pa in billing. We are so confident in the system and its capabilities we are now planning to introduce it to our network on a resale basis. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Mark Davies (CEO), Westcoast Cloud

“The team at PRD delivered on every requirement, on time and within budget.  No feeling left in the dark, no failed promises.

Everyone at Evolve IP is highly satisfied with the slick functionality of Intelligent Billing, the excellent SaaS billing software that PRD Technologies has implemented for us.  They share our philosophy and have similar goals and ethics, always looking to push boundaries with innovations, high levels of automations and integration, giving us a fantastic ROI.

We’re so please with their service that we are no discussing extending Intelligent Billing into Europe, for use with Evolve IP Dutch partners and beyond.”

Ian Whitman, Operations Director, Evolve IP

“PRD Technologies has delivered outstanding service to Network Connect over the past 12 months.  In my 30 years in business, it has been rare to find a partner committed to such high standards. We have used 2 other billing companies in the past – the difference with PRD is in the people and the culture.”

Mark Maden, Managing Director, Network Connect Ltd

“XMA has always been driven by innovation. We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver on our promises and exceed customer expectations with the very latest solutions. Naturally, we look for partners and collaborators who share those values.

Like us, PRD Technologies embrace invention and service excellence. Their proactive and positive approach is grounded in extensive expertise, offering multi-faceted business operations like ours billing solutions that are powerful – yet practical.

Thanks to Intelligent Billing not only have we reduced our billing cycle by over 300 hours per month, but we are also now able to offer our clients a faster and more flexible billing experience that’s integral to our outstanding brand reputation and customer satisfaction.”

James Thorogood (CSP Business Manager), XMA

“Being a local island company means homes and businesses depend on us for uninterrupted internet access.  WightFibre take that responsibility very seriously – but we don’t stop at simply providing some of the world’s fastest broadband.

We want to deliver the best possible customer service to every one of our users on the Isle of Wight.  Our ISP billing system needs to be reflective of those exacting high standards, maintaining total confidence in our capabilities.

The innovative and flexible team at PRD has come up with the intuitive solutions to solve the increasingly complex challenges we face as a telecommunications provider.  We can’t recommend them enough.”

Nathan Swallow, Head of Network Operations, WightFibre

“Intelligent Billing Pro has been revolutionary for us here at NFON.  Processing billing data is so much easier, invoices are issued accurately and on time and we no longer need to get bogged-down in the complexities of billing – PRD Technologies has it all in hand.  Intelligent Billing can support all the products and services NFON offers our reseller partners, and PRD regularly review performance to keep pace with NFON’s changing requirements.

That system adaptability – along with how delighted we are with the quality of their service and support – means we are already discussing introducing Intelligent Billing to other regions such as France, Italy and Austria.”

Marie Ellis, Business Operations Manager, NFON

“The quality of product and service I have experienced from start to finish with PRD Technologies is second to none. It’s refreshing to work with proactive people.  The PRD team has done a fantastic job managing the onboarding; the transition has been very smooth. Their rapid response, knowledge, skill set, and advice has been instrumental to our success. The PRD team is a joy to work with – thank you very much.”

Gemma Wild, Business Administrator, Network Connect Ltd

“Just wanted to say what a wonderful asset both Joel and Bev are to your team, they have been so helpful over the last few months with a rather stressful migrations of 2 billing platforms.

Often it’s just complaints people take the time to send, so I just felt it would be nice to hear what a great job they are doing for Ridgewall.

Compared to other billing suppliers it’s so refreshing.”

Mark Balzaretti (Group Operations Director), Ridgewall

“We’ve been working with PRD for some time now. I would say the company has a family feel, but their software is reliable and works very well.

All of my team report how much they like the PRD team – that they bend over backwards to provide support and timely responses. We like being able to speak to a member of the team and get answers right away, rather than disappearing in an anonymous ticketing system.

Whilst we originally bought on price, we stay because of the functionality – the integration, customisation and flexibility are what matters most to us. And that we have such a good working relationship with them.

Intelligent Billing is core to our business – which is all about billing – so getting it right is essential to the success of our business.

I would very enthusiastically recommend PRD.”

Jay Ball (MD), Datakom

“As pioneers in fibre, broadband and other cloud applications for businesses it is crucial for us to provide efficient, accurate and timely billing to our clients.

We needed an effective converged system that could provide a complete fibre, cloud and broadband billing solution. PRD Technologies Intelligent Billing platform has given us just that and more, saving us hours of resource time on complex manual data analysis and entry.

As a growing business we need systems that can rapidly scale with us and easily integrate with our other systems. The whole experience with Intelligent Billing has been seamless and we can’t say enough good things about their fantastic support team.”

Radaam Thirlway (MD), Amvia

“Brilliant, can’t fault you. I will never leave, as long as I am doing telecoms, you will be my billing provider. I really appreciate what you have done for me, here. I don’t know any other company that would help, it’s usually pay or go.

It’s all my own fault, as I should have looked into billing, before signing up with [competitor’s name removed]. I don’t think you understand fully, what a mess you have just pulled me out of. Thank you so much.”

Director, CTR Services Ltd

“We’ve been working with the team at Intelligent Billing since 2016 and I have to say they are great. They really do go the extra mile and deliver what needs to be done, and more. They are very quick at responding to requests, and their product knowledge is out of this world.

We are only a small business, but we are still made to feel like a valued customer. Nothing is too much trouble for the team. The product does what it says on the tin – providing accurate, itemised billing for telecoms.

It might not be the most exciting subject, but when it comes to telecoms billing, it’s Intelligent Billing every time for us.”

Sarah Edwards, Capital Networks

Our Intelligent Billing platform was designed specifically to make your billing process easier, more efficient, and more accurate. Our development team is on hand to customise the functionality of the platform to meet your needs, while our customer service team is here from onboarding, to training, and ongoing support. Talk to us about how our API billing solutions can streamline your business.