Billing and invoicing is often a pain-point for businesses. Especially if you’re a CSP or VAR with multiple providers, hundreds of customers and large sums of money at stake. Manually analysing and collating such detailed and complex data correctly for each customer can feel like a marathon task that has to be done with relentless monthly regularity and accuracy.

But there is a better way. At PRD Technologies, we developed Intelligent Billing, an advanced CSP billing platform that automatically collects, processes, analyses and bills any data.

We’re currently the only UK-based service provider that can deliver full web-based automated billing and invoicing for Microsoft licences and Azure consumption data as well as telecoms data, allowing you to manage your CSP and telecoms billing from a single converged cloud billing platform.

Here are our top 10 pain-relieving benefits:

  1. Flexible billing to support business growth
  2. Save time and resources with automated billing
  3. Cost effective sophisticated features and solutions
  4. Converged billing managed through a single portal
  5. Strengthen your business intelligence with sophisticated reporting and analytics
  6. Consumption and usage rating with no limits
  7. Expand into new territories: globalisation under one roof
  8. Harness the power of integration
  9. Exceptional customer care and support
  10. Bill for any sector

Download our whitepaper to find out more about our top 10 pain-relieving benefits.

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