Network Connect, a prominent voice and data communication technology company, specialises in optimising communication efficiency at local and wide area levels. Committed to delivering an unparalleled customer experience, Network Connect sought a transformative solution for their UK telecom billing challenges. Enter Intelligent Billing, our award-winning telecoms billing software.

Network Connect’s telecom billing challenges

Network Connect had long-standing associations with another telecoms billing provider. However, they were experiencing poor customer and platform support, upgrade delays and labour-intensive manual processes that were prone to error. Their billing system was not only cumbersome but also time-consuming.  After Network Connect contacted all the main alternative telecom billing software companies seeking improvements, PRD Technologies won the tender process and their trust, due to our independence as well as our reputation for honesty and dedication to achieving high standards.

“PRD Technologies has delivered outstanding service to Network Connect over the past 12 months.  In my 30 years in business, it has been rare to find a partner committed to such high standards. We have used 2 other billing companies in the past – the difference with PRD is in the people and the culture.

Mark Maden, Managing Director, Network Connect Ltd

Addressing Network Connect’s telecom billing system needs

A comprehensive list of requirements was presented to PRD Technologies at the beginning of our partnership. Our client was searching for an independent generic billing platform with rapid onboarding and no additional setup fees – which are standard features with our Essential and Advanced Intelligent Billing solutions.

Additional functionality, some already on our technical roadmap was introduced during onboarding. This gave us an opportunity to accelerate development of this telecoms billing systems project in exciting ways.

As the migration progressed, Network Connect expanded the scope of the project to incorporate further requirements including bespoke invoice designs, standard and bespoke reporting agents, commission reporting, validation and reconciliation reporting.  PRD’s ISO27001 accreditation and internal security teams were vital throughout the whole process.

A summary of Network Connects billing platform needs included:

• A versatile billing platform to support their telecoms billing system requirements
• Streamlined onboarding with zero setup fees, falling within PRD’s free onboarding parameters
• Integration of additional features, serving as valuable R&D for the Intelligent Billing platform
• Customised invoice designs
• Robust reporting capabilities, including agents and commission reporting
• Validation and reconciliation reporting for accurate billing, ensuring that all calls, bundles, services and products were accounted for, and no revenue lost
• ISO27001 accreditation for comprehensive security

Telecom billing software from PRD Technologies

“The quality of product and service I have experienced from start to finish with PRD Technologies is second to none. It’s refreshing to work with proactive people.  The PRD team has done a fantastic job managing the onboarding; the transition has been very smooth. Their rapid response, knowledge, skill set, and advice has been instrumental to our success. The PRD team is a joy to work with – thank you very much.

Gemma Wild, Business Administrator, Network Connect Ltd

Implementing a sophisticated telecoms billing platform to tick all boxes

PRD Technologies embarked on a journey with Network Connect by defining the scope of requirements and creating a Statement of Work.  The project involved a meticulous three-month parallel run as Network Connect phased out their previous vendor.  Fortunately, Network Connect’s billing proficiency facilitated a smooth transition.

Migrating was relatively straightforward due to Network Connect’s understanding of billing processes and the compatibility of our feature-rich ‘out of the box’ platform with their requirements.

Smooth migration transition to Intelligent Billing: a cloud billing solution

The migration was a classic telecoms billing platform transition, made bespoke. It involved setting up Network Connect on our PRO telecoms billing platform.  The migration to Intelligent Billing involved several strategic steps:

• Establishing Network Connect on our Intelligent Billing platform
• Incorporating their distinctive invoice style
• Seamlessly migrating their data
• Conducting a three-month parallel run before the final transition
• Leveraging advanced platform features, including processing service files and running product reconciliation
• Implementing the agents feature to generate commission statements for agents

Network Connect wanted to make full use of Intelligent Billing’s unique features, including processing service files and running product reconciliation. The aim was to verify and identify any new products that needed to be added into the platform. Features like these are often underutilised by other customers.

Our agent feature would enable Network Connect to generate agent statements, encompassing a percentage commission on the calls and products for the customers the agents sell to.

Achieving success with Intelligent Billing: an evolving telecoms billing system

The results of the Intelligent Billing implementation were highly successful for Network Connect:

• Project delivery happened within the agreed timeframe, showcasing PRD Technologies’ exceptional project management and teamwork
• PRD’s support team provided comprehensive training, including ongoing ad-hoc support
• Reliance on PRD’s support decreased in line with the platform’s automation and user-friendliness
• Accurate invoicing and significant time savings were achieved due to the automation

Benefits of Network Connect choosing Intelligent Billing as their telecom billing software:

• Independent and mature billing vendor
• Enhanced utilisation of platform features
• Highly automated processes for accurate billing
• Exceptional ongoing support and communication from PRD Technologies

The implementation of validation and reconciliation reporting within the Intelligent Billing platform plays a pivotal role in ensuring the utmost accuracy in billing processes. This comprehensive functionality leaves no room for oversight, meticulously accounting for all calls, bundles, services, and products.

By eradicating the possibility of revenue loss, it reinforces financial stability for Network Connect. Moreover, the integration of advanced management control and reporting capabilities addresses a critical void that existed within Network Connect’s previous system.

All these enhancements empower Network Connect with robust oversight and reporting tools, further enhancing their operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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