XMA is one of the top ten largest VARs (Value Added Resellers) in the UK. Trusted by some of the most high-profile organisations in Great Britain, it provides a range of IT services and solutions including software, networking, security, print, ecommerce, cloud and much more.

Through the innovative application of technology, XMA helps clients in the private and public sectors to transform the way they work and improve their services to staff, customers, communities, patients and students.

The NHS, Ofsted, The Cabinet Office, Surrey County Council, University of Oxford, and Viacom are just some of the healthcare, government, educational and corporate organisations XMA works with.

A trusted recommendation

Established in the 80’s, XMA is a solutions provider that proactively helps organisations evolve every day. Through strategic conversations, value-add consultancy, and outcome-based solutions, XMA create a positive and lasting impact on everyone’s individual world.

It is positioned on over 25 government procurement networks, the number one reseller of Google and Apple into education.

With such a stellar reputation and a passion for delivering an outstanding customer experience, XMA needed a billing system capable of the highly complex and accurate ISP billing required by the XMA Cloud Solution Provider Program.

The XMA Cloud Solution Provider program allows XMA customers to purchase online cloud service subscriptions, Azure services and related software.

A key objective for XMA regarding VAR billing software was for it to have the ability to manage complex billing requirements in a more streamlined way, reducing manual monthly billing processes through automation.

Intelligent Billing was recommended to XMA by another PRD Technologies client, Westcoast Cloud Limited as a cloud solution billing provider with a shared pioneering spirit. They knew our billing experts could deliver automation and simplicity without compromising on precision, speed, or quality of service.

ISP billing platform

Streamlined ISP billing achieved in just over a week

PRD Technologies took the following steps to help XMA achieve their objectives for the XMA Cloud Solution Provider Program:

  • Introduced XMA to the benefits of the Intelligent Billing CSP reseller platform, explaining why it was the right VAR billing software for their business
  • Set them up with the ‘Pro’ version of Intelligent Billing, featuring added functionality such as API integration, cloud marketplace and provisioning. The Intelligent Billing platform self-populates new customers details and all the products and services procured by XMA’s end customers, without manual entry and pro-rata calculations by the team at XMA
  • Built in scope for scalability – this has already increased from approx. £100,000 per month to approx. £195,000 per month and will continue to scale up rapidly
  • Integrated their new ISP billing system with a bespoke accounting system
  • Provided the XMA team with thorough training and ongoing accessible support

Total onboarding and set-up, including complimentary bespoke integrations, took less than 8 days.

XMA’s VAR billing software gets even more dynamic

Fully equipped with an automated and more sophisticated ISP billing system, XMA and their clients now enjoy many benefits:

  • Currently processing and billing approx. £195,000 per month through the Intelligent Billing Software for ISP
  • More accurate billing for a hassle-free process
  • No duplication of data entry because Intelligent Billing automatically populates from XMA’s CRM and provisioning systems
  • Quicker billing cycle – invoices previously issued end of month are now sent much earlier in the month, resulting in a significant reduction in debtor days and improved cashflow
  • Time spent on manual billing processes has decreased from 2 weeks per month to just a few hours. XMA created just under 400 invoices per month manually, now all automated
  • Significantly more detailed billing, meeting end customer requests for granular detail
  • Multiple invoice style options, including custom style invoices to match end-customers exact requirements
  • Directly integrated with XMA Cloud Marketplace, their dedicated licence provisioning portal
  • Bespoke management reporting, that can be integrated into Power BI, providing strategic insights

Partners in innovation and excellence

“XMA has always been driven by innovation. We are constantly looking for new ways to deliver on our promises and exceed customer expectations with the very latest solutions. Naturally, we look for partners and collaborators who share those values.

Like us, PRD Technologies embrace invention and service excellence. Their proactive and positive approach is grounded in extensive expertise, offering multi-faceted business operations like ours billing solutions that are powerful – yet practical.

Thanks to Intelligent Billing not only have we reduced our billing cycle by over 300  hours per month, but we are also now able to offer our clients a faster and more flexible billing experience that’s integral to our outstanding brand reputation and customer satisfaction.”

James Thorogood, CSP Business Manager

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